Barnbougle & King Island Golf Holidays

With 4 of Australia's best golf courses within easy reach of each other, Tasmania's Barnbougle & King Island have fast become Australia's hottest golfing destinations.

Both of these Tasmanian locations offer delightful non-golf attractions: King Island is renowned for its production of cheese and its fresh seafood, most notably the crayfish; and mainland Tasmania is the home to many well-known wineries, prestigious Chef-hatted restaurants and some incredibly beautiful nature reserves and national parks.

There are multiple options for getting to and from King Island and Barnbougle, including on both scheduled commercial flights and on chartered flights.

Following are a few suggested itineraries for your next Barnbougle and/or King Island golf trip. These are unescorted, private travel packages and can be booked for any time of year based on availability.

Please note that we specialise in groups of 8 and above and while the prices below are based on a group of 16 people travelling together (as that is the ideal number to maximise cost-effectiveness for charter flights) packages can be tailored to suit groups of any size on either charter or commercial flights.

Kindly note that these are indicative starting prices only and prices may be higher depending on the time of year you wish to travel.

Flights included in the itineraries below are in-and-out of Melbourne, however we can certainly include additional interstate flights with your booking, should you wish, once we know where you are travelling from.

If you don't find exactly what you want here, please let us know by giving us a call on (02) 9555 5311, or email us here and we can provide a custom quote to suit.

Barnbougle – 1 Night

Barnbougle – 2 Nights

King Island – 1 Night

King Island – 2 Nights

Barnbougle & King Island – 2 Nights

Barnbougle & King Island – 3 Nights